Saturday, June 4, 2011

Marc Chagall Inspired Flying FIgures

This is a lesson I did with 2nd graders.  We looked at several of Chagall's paintings and discussed how they looked "dreamy" and what in particular made them look that way.  A common theme was flying figures.  We folded our papers in half- students were instructed to draw a town or village on the bottom half of the paper.  We drew wavy roads to make it look more dreamy and kept our details small so they would appear to be far below.  On the top half of their papers students drew a flying figure (we were going for a self-portrait) with a night time sky.  We talked about how it might be easier to turn your paper vertically to draw the figure and how to draw stars. Students chose their color of paper and used oil pastels to color.  This is a project I definitely plan of doing again- the results were really whimsical.

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