Sunday, December 19, 2010

Name Tangles

To start of the year I did a variety of name design projects to help me refresh my memory of my 500 student's names. Third grade created name tangles, the idea for which was found here.

Students wrote their names so that the letters touched the edges of the paper. The first letter begins in the lower left hand corner touching the left side and bottom of the paper. The next letter touches the first letter and the top of the paper. The next letter touches the previous letter and the bottom of the paper and so on. I then had students paint their letters with thick black lines. The next week they filled in the negatice space with different patterns and line designs.

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  1. I love everything you do and would love to follow you . I am a homeschool teacher for a family of 4 children. I love art but I need ideas as I am not an are and so helped me. Thank you for such simple explanations and beautiful products. Very encouraging. Karen Hobart