Sunday, December 19, 2010

Paul Klee Inspired Self-portrait

Next we moved onto self portraits. 1st graders looked at the work of Paul Klee and created a drawing based on lessons I found on several different websites. I gave them an oval template to trace for the shape of their head. We discussed the proper proportions to use when drawing a portrait and how to draw facial features. Students drew themselves and outlined in sharpie. The next class we began adding tissue paper by wetting our drawing, placing a square of tissue paper down and adding water on top of that. They filled up their drawing with rows of colored tissue paper making sure to use plenty of water. When dry, the tissue paper easily peeled off leaving a stain from the color behind. This was a very easy fun process that the kids enjoyed.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I teach a mixed-ages art class and we are not allowed to paint in the space we rent :(
    I have been struggling with how to do a Klee lesson without paint (they don't even let us use watercolors) but the tissue paper technique will be perfect! Great blog - again, thanks~!